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WEB DESIGNING is an art and an interesting thing with most challenges.The design of the website shows the functionality and services. As we know that the first impression is the last impression so that FIRATECHS  designs in such a way that it enhance the consciousness of the visitors. If look and feel of our website is good and more informative then this will solve most of the queries of our visitors.

FIRATECHS designs your websites according to the the clients need and based on the market demands which will help to grow the clients business.FIRATECHS designs from nil to the greatest extends.We always works with transparency therefore FIRATECHS is the Best Web Designing Company in Tirunelveli .

Web designing includes several steps as it is the management of information on the web pages.

wireframe designing

Wireframe designing are the first ever step for designing any websites. Wireframes includes the basic steps which consists of the layout of the websites. Wireframes are actually an figurative representation of the website and it demands very high degree of cautiousness since, it has to serve the basis for the real website design.The more  knowledgeably designed the more it will prove to be  fruitful.However  it is not anything related to graphics and any special feautures, but the approach  is almost same to that of website designing


TEMPLATE DESIGNING is the next step to the wireframes. Once the wireframe design is approved the next step is to give suitable colours to the wireframes where it converts from an wireframe to an template. Template designing  needs creative thinking and includes the process of selelcting the suitable colors which have to  cover the  atrractions of the visitors.Firatechs uses the most  familiar tools to create the template designs.


TEMPLATE CONVERSION is the final process of the web designing once the TEMPLATE DESIGN is  is approved by the client. The template is ready for the conversion into website which includes the proper coding using markup languages and scripts. FIRATECHS have well experienced professionals that they makes real time website by template conversions which meets the client needs perfectly.Website gets life in the process of template conversion.Once the template conversion is completed the website is ready for the launching in the server

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